1Gig/500Mbps Internet

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  • For those who want the ultimate experience of the fastest internet available.
  • Provides everything a demanding business needs.
  • Great for a highly connected family/home.
  • Unlimited Data!
$219.95 per month

500/250 Mbps Internet

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  • Best for 10+ connected devices.
  • Great for small businesses customers and families with above average Internet and streaming needs.
  • Great for Gamers.
  • Unlimited Data!
$159.95 per month

100/50 Mbps Internet

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  • Best for 5 – 9 connected devices.
  • Great for families with multiple devices and average Internet and streaming needs.
  • Unlimited Data!
$119.95 per month

50/25 Mbps Internet

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  • Best for 1 – 4 connected devices.
  • Great for individuals and couples with basic Internet and light streaming needs.
  • Good for surfing the Internet, downloading music and email
  • Unlimited Data!
$89.95 per month

Omni-Fi Wi-Fi Service

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Customizable whole-home mesh Wi-Fi service that provides wall to wall coverage for your home.

Secured and updated automatically.

Additional Options

You can add any of these options on the form when ordering Internet service. If you already have Internet with OmniTel, simply give us a call and we’ll get it added to your current plan.

Digital Phone – $5.00/mo

The best and easiest way to order OmniTel Digital Phone is to simply add it to your Internet package order form. For just $5.00 per month, you can add one residential OmniTel Digital Phone line to any Internet package and it will include Caller ID, Call Waiting and Voicemail. Additional phone lines available at regular per line pricing.

Symmetrical Speeds – $20.00/mo

Fiber allows us to offer symmetrical speeds which means your upload speed will be just as fast as your download speed. This option is perfect for anyone who works from home, uploads a lot of video and excellent for heavy gamers!

Service Shield – $5.00/mo

Protect yourself from unexpected repair charges. Service Shield will eliminate repair charges for service impacting issues that occur with any OmniTel owned equipment and wiring that OmniTel has installed at your location. It also provides benefits for equipment you own and wiring that you’ve installed. With this plan, the first 30 minutes of labor charges ($125/hour) are waived for issues with any customer owned equipment and facilities. Charges apply for materials and labor after the first 30 minutes. This provides our customers peace of mind regarding unplanned repair bills.