Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Several things could be affecting your Internet speed, including:

  • Multiple Devices Connected Simultaneously -— This can reduce the overall Internet speed each device receives, since when multiple devices are connected simultaneously to the same network, they must share the available bandwidth.
  • Bandwidth-Demanding Applications — Applications such as streaming movies and TV shows, playing online games, and video conferencing will consume more bandwidth than things like checking email, so they can reduce your overall Internet speed.
  • Poor Computer Performance — An old and unstable operating system, insufficient memory, or spyware can diminish computer performance and cause everything on your computer to work more slowly.
  • Insufficient Wireless Router —If an older router that does not support high speed is used, Internet speed will be correspondingly reduced. For example, if you are signed up for 100 Mbps service and your outdated wireless router only supports up to 25 Mbps, your Internet speed will only reach up to about 25 Mbps. Buying a new 801.11ac router or renting a new hassle-free OmniFi router from OmniTel is one of the best ways to make sure your network is as fast and reliable as possible.
  • Interference in Your Home Network — Wireless devices such as older cordless phones, baby monitors, some security cameras, and microwaves can cause interference in your home, weakening your wireless router’s signal and affecting your Internet speed.
  • Your current broadband plan may be insufficient for today’s applications. Call an OmniTel customer service team member for a free consultation.

FTTH is an Internet delivery network that extends Fiber Optic cables directly into the home or business, completely bypassing the older, existing copper networks that may be serving you today.

A Fiber Optic connection will provide you with virtually unlimited Internet speed and capacity; enabling you to enjoy a better experience with data-intensive applications such as video streaming, online gaming, cloud storage, online education, and more. Fiber Optics also increase reliability and stability.

We’ll install a small Network Interface Device on the outside of your home or business, a fiber jack, and an optical network terminal (ONT) which is about the size of a large lunchbox. The ONT contains electronics that terminate the fiber-optic cable and converts the signals of light back into usable internet and telephone signals.

Internet, phone and residential television. Please call 641.749.2531 to discuss service options or go to to see services and packages available in your area.

You may pick one, two or all three services. And, phone service is NOT required to receive Internet.

At this time we do not require a contract for our standard services. One of our goals is to ensure the quality of our services speak for themselves.

You may continue to use your existing email address or OmniTel can provide you an OmniTel email address free of charge.