OmniTel Communications Charity Grant Program

As a local company, OmniTel is committed to the communities we serve. Through a combination of charitable donations and the dedicated involvement of our employees, OmniTel supports organizations and activities that make our communities better places to live and work. We provide community support through participation in local events and contributions to public and private non-profit organizations. Through OmniTel’s Charity Grant programs we are able to provide financial assistance to programs such as Scouts, fire departments, county fairs, town celebrations, Legion and Veterans groups, Relay for Life, libraries, community centers, school groups, day care organizations, ambulance crews, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever and many more.

If your public or private non-profit organization has a specific project in which we can help, we invite you to submit a proposal via our charity grants request forms. Greatest consideration is given to the projects that benefit the most number of people in our communities. No grants will be awarded to individuals (i.e. pageants, school trips, etc.) or for-profit private groups. All grants must go to an organization or event in the OmniTel Communications serving area (this is an area and/or towns where OmniTel provides telephone, internet, and television services to OmniTel customers). All applications will be reviewed at the first board meeting of each new quarter. The Board of Directors reviews each application individually and determines whether funds are available in that quarter for distribution to the applicants. Completed applications may be submitted at any time during the year.

OmniTel Communications Charity Grant Criterion:

  • Civic Organizations – maximum $1,000 per each request
  • Non-civic Organizations – maximum $500 per each request
  • School Activities and Summer Youth Programs – maximum $250 per each request

There are two Charity Grant forms–one for requests under $100, the other for requests for over $100. There is a $1000 maximum for any one request, (please note Charity Grant Criterion above).

To apply for a Charity Grant under $100 please click here to fill out and submit the form.

To apply for a Charity Grant over $100 up to a maximum of $1000 (please note Charity Grant Criterion above) click here to fill out and submit the form.

Applicants will be notified after the review of all applications for the quarter they were filed. If you have applied for a grant and did not receive funds, you may reapply at any time the following year.

If you have any questions about our Charity Grant program, please feel free to give us a call at 749-2531 or 1-877-OmniTel (Toll-free).

Other Grants and Scholarships

FRS (Foundation for Rural Service) Scholarships & Grants

FRS (Foundation for Rural Service) sponsors programs and activities that improve the educational, social and economic conditions of rural areas. Descriptions of available scholarships and grants are listed below. For more information and applications, visit the FRS website at

FRS Scholarship

The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) offers an annual college scholarship program to help further higher education among rural youth. FRS awards a one-time $2,500 scholarships to students from rural America for their first year of college, university or vocational-technical school. Each student is sponsored by an NTCA member company. FRS funds $2,000 of each scholarship, and the sponsoring company awards the remaining $500. The FRS College Scholarship Program seeks to encourage students to return to their rural communities upon completing their education.

The program empowers rural youth by giving them opportunities for higher education. Our hope is that these students return to rural America to enhance and enrich their rural community with education and experience.
The application for the FRS College Scholarship Program is available each October for the following year’s program.

FRS Grants

As part of its ongoing commitment to rural communities across the country, the Foundation for Rural Service provides annual grants for communities served by NTCA members. The goal of this program is to support local efforts to build and sustain a high quality of life in rural America. Grants will be concentrated in four major areas:

  • Business Development
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Telecommunications

Grants can range from $250 to $5000 that go back to rural communities, every year.

FRS grants will allow rural communities to take that first step towards a project or plan that can help better the lives of those around them – whether it is smart boards in schools, better agricultural equipment for farms, start-up money for young entrepreneurs, or basic computer classes. These funds help rural Americans invest in their communities in meaningful ways.

The Foundation will give priority to proposals that foster collaboration among different community agencies, and local government, reflect a comprehensive approach to community development, promote community participation and engagement, and make rural communities a better place to live and work.


Aureon Network Services Scholarship Program

Scholarship Overview

The Aureon Scholarship Program is available to students pursuing a STEM related course of study and those residing in a home with service from an Iowa Independent Telecommunications Company (ITC). The program will award over $10,000. Individual scholarships will range from $1,000 to $3,000.

The scholarship application and additional information are available at


A resident of a home with active phone, internet, or TV from an Iowa ITC.*

  • Iowa high school junior or graduating senior in the 2021-2022 school year.
  • A citizen or permanent resident of the United States or one of its official territories.
  • Accepted and plan to enroll at an Iowa-based, accredited four-year college or university, community college, or vocational-technical school and be pursuing a STEM–related course of study.
  • Have a minimum 3.33 GPA. A copy of a recent transcript may be requested.

Application Instructions

Complete a scholarship application in full, including the following:

  • A short essay describing why you are pursuing a STEM-related field (1,000 characters or less).
  • A summary of your high school and community service activities, including leadership roles (500 characters or less).
  • All students meeting the eligibility requirements and submitting a complete application will be considered.
  • Questions regarding the Aureon Scholarship Program should be sent to

Iowa Communications Alliance Scholarships

Next Gen Scholarship Program

The Iowa Communications Alliance Next Gen Scholars program was established in response to our member companies need for skilled technicians. The process begins with recruitment, followed by an application and selection procedure. After the candidates are selected, the Iowa Communications Alliance, sponsoring company, DMACC and student split the tuition of the DMACC Network Technology/Telecom Data Communications Program.  The sponsoring company may offer a “mentoring” program including paid or unpaid internship opportunities while the student attends DMACC.  Successful completion of the DMACC program usually qualifies graduates for an interview at the sponsoring company with a competitive salary and excellent advancement potential, though there is no guarantee of employment. For more information on the Nest Gen Scholarship Program go to