What is up with Cable Bill Increases?

We blame the giants, not those giants – the Media Giants. Just eight multi-billion-dollar corporations own or control about 90% of existing TV networks. While we do everything in our power to keep cable prices low, adjustments must be made to keep up with the imposed Network fees that have increased at 3 1/2 times the rate of inflation over the past 15 years.

We know the timing could not be worse for millions paying through the nose to watch their favorite TV shows. OmniTel will only increase prices to what the content providers demand. This means that what is left over might not even cover local operating costs such as labor, equipment, and vehicles.

How Can You Help?

Stand with us and be heard. If your cable provider must remove a network from your lineup, please consider reaching out to us before you switch to another provider.

Let’s keep your TV Affordable!

We can help you cut that cable cord for good as you say farewell to traditional TV service and go with Streaming with OmniTel High Speed Internet. There has never been a better time to get all your television programming via the internet. By streaming video, you can pick the services that best meet your needs. You could save money; get more of the channels you really want.

How you say?

There are many paid subscriptions that vary in price from $5 a month up to $50+. The most popular services—Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime—provide great film and TV options, have fantastic original content, and aren’t too expensive. There are also several free services provided by the major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) and others that are readily available. Heard of a “must watch” show but not sure where you can view it? Visit justwatch.com or mybundle.tv, enter the show, and see which streaming services have it in their line-up or create the right bundle of streaming services that fits you perfectly.

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