About OmniTel

In a world where technology changes nearly every day and expensive gadgets, complicated service plans and longwinded user agreements are the norm, it’s easy to become weary of technology. How can you keep up? Technology should make your life easier, not be a burden. Technology should be fun, not frustrating. Technology should put a smile on your face, not a bee in your bonnet.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a local company that made technology fun and accessible, and most of all: easy? Welcome to OmniTel. OmniTel is committed to understanding our customers’ needs and working with you to find the best answers, making technology as enjoyable and uncomplicated as possible.

OmniTel makes technology user-friendly by making the customer experience user-friendly, working with customers one-on-one so no one is left behind frustrated and uncertain. OmniTel is committed to listening to and talking through our customers’ needs, helping you discover appropriate solutions. By making technology approachable, we empower our customers to use Internet and wireless technology to make your lives easier and more enjoyable. Simply put, OmniTel makes technology fun again.