Traditional Telephone Service

Nobody knows telephone phone service quite like OmniTel. We’re a local phone company with 100 years of experience in providing our customers with reliable service at a great price.

Unlimited Calling Within 14 Communities

OmniTel defines “local calls” a bit differently than other phone companies. With OmniTel, “local” means “within our network,” and our network has 14 communities that are all considered “local.” They are:

Nora Springs
Marble Rock

Rock Falls
St Ansgar

Little Cedar
New Haven

For example, when an OmniTel telephone customer in Nora Springs calls another OmniTel telephone customer in St. Ansgar, the call is considered “local,” and there are no long distance toll charges.

When calling an EAS (extended area service) exchange, simply dial the 7-digit telephone number. Do NOT dial DDD Access “1” or the operator when placing EAS calls, or you will be charged for long distance.

Calling Features

Customize your telephone service with your choice of Calling Features to help you better manage your calls. You can screen out telemarketers, forward calls to your wireless phone, and much more!

All starred (*) Calling Features are included in our OmniTel Bundles. Click on a feature to see details.

Caller ID* - $3.95 per month

See who’s calling BEFORE you answer the phone!

Call Waiting* - $2.50 per month

With Call Waiting, you’ll never miss another call just because you’re on the phone.

Caller ID Call Waiting* - Free when you sign up for Caller ID and Call Waiting

See who’s calling even while you are on the telephone! You must also have call waiting for this feature to work.

Voice Mail - $5.95 per month

More professional, convenient and private than an answering machine, Voice Mail can take your calls while you’re on the phone, on the Internet or away from your phone. And there’s no equipment to worry about! Includes up to 9 mailboxes.

Call Forwarding* - $2.50 per month

Forward your calls to another phone or your wireless phone when you’re out or when your line is busy and you can’t answer. You can even forward your calls to another phone when you’re on vacation or away from home.

Selective Call Forwarding - $2.50 per month

Forward your calls to another phone or your wireless phone when you’re out or when your line is busy and you can’t answer. You can even forward your calls to another phone when you’re on vacation or away from home.

Three-way Calling* - $2.50 per month

With three-way calling, you can conference call for just $2.50 per month! Talk to two people on one call, even if one is long distance. Great for families who want to save time!

Find Me Service - $3.95 per month

You no longer need to be home or at the office to receive your phone calls. With our “Find me” Service, you can manage incoming calls by forwarding your calls to up to six different phone numbers to “find” you. This is a great feature for businesses or anyone who’s always on the go.

Terminating Call Manager - $1.95 per month

Block calls from telemarketers with this simple feature. In fact, your phone won’t even ring! Current customers enjoy an average of 50 calls per month successfully blocked. This service works with the government’s DO NOT CALL list to block even more calls.

Distinctive Ring Teen Line - $5.00 per month

Want another line without the cost of adding another line? With Distinctive Ring, it’s like having two phone lines in one. You’ll get another phone number, which rings differently than your home phone number, so you’ll always know when the phone is for your teen!

This feature is also great for home-based businesses. Because your business phone number rings differently than your home phone number, you’ll always know when you’re receiving business calls.

Distinctive Ring Call Waiting - $2.50 per month

Hear the different rings of your different phone numbers even when you’re on the telephone.

*69 Automatic Recall - $2.50 per month

Miss a call? Just dial *69 and the last person who called you will be called back.

*66 Automatic Callback - $2.50 per month

Tired of redialing busy numbers? Just dial *66 and the number will be redialed for you until it becomes available.

Anonymous Call Rejection - $2.50 per month

Automatically reject all those calls designated as anonymous. You know the ones—those calls that always seem to interrupt your dinner. In fact, with Anonymous Call Rejection, your phone won’t even ring!

Selective Call Acceptance - $2.50 per month

Only accept the calls you really want. With Selective Call Acceptance, you can create a list of calls you want to take, and your phone will only accept calls from those numbers.

Selective Call Rejection

This feature allows you to create a list of numbers you don’t want to accept calls from. (This feature works for local calls only) .These callers receive a message that says you aren’t taking calls at this time. This feature shields your business and your family from undesirable phone calls.

Toll Deny - $5.00 per month

Block all long distance calls from being made from your number.

900 Number Blocking - FREE

Block all 900 numbers from being called from your phone.

Call Number Blocking - FREE

Simply dial *67 before placing a call and your number will be blocked from the Caller ID unit of the person you are calling.

Please note: there is a $5.00 convenience fee added to your account for calling features.