Is slow internet making you wait? Get a better experience today!

Did you realize it’s already 2017? Almost 2018?! The future is here, and there’s no reason why, in this futuristic dream world we inhabit today, you should wait for something on the internet to load. Or sitting and waiting while a video buff­ers. Or waiting and waiting for your online game to stop glitching. In this land of magical wonders, like high-speed internet from OmniTel, why wait?

We’d love to bring you into the future with us, with speeds as fast as one Gigabit per second. (Gigabit! Can you believe this wonderful world we live in?!)

What are your waiting for? The sooner you act the more you save!

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Current customers: upgrade your internet today and pay your current monthly rate through 12/31/17. New customers: add internet and receive it free through 12/31/17. Taxes and surcharges not included in offer. Service must stay active for 90 days. Other terms and conditions may apply. Offer expires 12/15/17.

Graphic depicting various internet speeds: 15mb, 30mb, 60mb, 120mb, 240mb