How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

There’s no single right answer to that question. For some customers, 15 Mbps may work just fine. Others may need 100 Mbps or more to keep the whole household happy. Start by answering these questions:

  • How many devices share your connection? Add up all the Internet-connected devices in your home including computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles, streaming media set-top boxes, and security systems. The more devices you have, the more speed you need.
  • What do you do online? If you have several family members simultaneously using your Internet connection for data-intensive activities — such as streaming HD video and music, online gaming, sharing photos and videos online, video chat, and cloud storage — then you’re only going to be happy with an upper-level speed.
  • What are your performance expectations? If you only occasionally watch videos online, you may be willing to tolerate slow load times and buffering. But if streaming HD movies is a cherished part of your routine, you’ll be frustrated by slow speeds and the annoying lag that comes with them. Make sure the Internet speed you choose is in line with the value you place on Internet performance quality.