OmniTel’s snazzy, reliable network delivers speeds as high as 1 Gigabit.

Next time your video starts buffering, next time your download takes forever, don’t stand for it—just stand up and say, “Slow NO you didn’t!”

With internet speeds as high as 1 Gigabit per second, slow will be a thing of the past. Connect as many devices as you want, download those huge files without waiting, binge watch Netflix, and never worry if you have enough speed.

Not sure you need 1 Gigabit internet? No worries. Stop slow with any one of our packages. With plans from 15 Mbps to 240 Mbps, we have you covered. Check out our experience chart below or contact us and we can help discover the package that will fit your needs.

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Current customers: get 60 days of faster internet service at your current monthly rate. New customers: get 60 days of internet service free. Taxes and surcharges not included. Service must stay active for 90 days. Speed availability vary by location. Other terms may apply. Expires 9/30/17.

Graphic depicting various internet speeds: 15mb, 30mb, 60mb, 120mb, 240mb